Jeff Berryman on “Facing the Giants”

Actor, novelist, playwright, and director Jeff Berryman knows a lot about great art, great storytelling, and great drama. So when he goes to a movie, I want to know what he thinks.Looks like he finally sat down to watch Facing the Giants. … [Read more...]

“Have you people lost your minds and perhaps your souls?”

The latest letters to Christianity Today Movies continue to demonstrate the great divide... No Heads in the Sand posted 11/02/06 I am a pastor of a large church in Denver and appreciate your approach on reviewing films. I am proud of you for reviewing R-rated movies and coming to the conclusions you come to. Because of you, I am going to see Little Children because I want to live in the real world. I regret that some Christians have adopted the attitude where we are afraid or unwilling to see … [Read more...]

Nicolosi Slays “Giants”

Buckle up.Barbara Nicolosi is a little late to the game with her views on Facing the Giants, but her new blog entry was worth the wait. … [Read more...]

Terry Mattingly ponders "the birth of Contemporary Christian Cinema"

At GetReligion, Terry Mattingly is facing the Giants dilemma. … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Film Forum May Catch Angry CT Movies Readers By Surprise.

Some Christianity Today Movies readers have sent in some very angry mail in response to Josh Hurst's review of Facing the Giants. They're saying things like (and I quote...) Shame, shame, shame on you for giving Facing the Giants a bad review! I've heard that Christianity Today is anti-Christian. Now, I believe it! Yep. "Anti-Christian." Christianity Today is "anti-Christian" because a guy wrote that there are some flaws in a movie made by Christians.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think … [Read more...]

Regarding that "Facing the Giants" post…

My comments on the tempest over at Dick Staub's CultureWatch set off a bit of a tempest here.But since I haven't seen the film (I only meant to comment on the way other people are upset about criticism of the film), I was happy to receive a response to the film from a film writer whose assessments of films I greatly respect.He said I could post his note on a condition of anonymity. In the spirit of Transformers, I'll call him Christianous Prime.Hopefully his comments will restore … [Read more...]

Another "Facing the Giants" controversy

Facing the Giants, the film that has stirred up some chatter because it was rated PG for its open references to Christianity, is stirring up even more trouble for cultural commentator and writer Dick Staub.Staub dared to suggest that, even though Christians had been involved in making and supporting the film, it was still mediocre and unsatisfying. In fact, his words were even stronger... he called it"another artistic embarrassment in the name of Jesus."Staub is learning an important … [Read more...]