Christianity Today’s Knockout Interview with Marilynne Robinson

This is the most thrilling stuff I've read at Christianity Today in a while.Great interview. I wish they'd made this a cover story. It's one of the most important conversations this magazine could offer its audience. But according to this, it's a web-only feature. I don't understand. Oh well... I guess they know better than I do what is important enough to put on the cover of the magazine. Why draw people's attention to a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author's profound views on reconciling science … [Read more...]

Opening the Door to Crimson Glory on October 22nd.

The sun came up on a day without a deadline, the first day of that kind I've seen in a long, long time.As if he wanted to be first in line for my attention, my cat Mardukas perched on my chest, purring madly, as I woke up.I opened the front door and gasped at the extravagant golds and reds of our Crimson Glory display—leaves the size of dinner plates, each ablaze with burgundy, rust, and yellow. It was as though their autumn exhibition, all by itself, was renouncing the ocean of fog that … [Read more...]

“Hamlet, Threepio, and Us”

Anyone who can write an inspiring piece linking Rosencrantz and Guldenstern, The Hidden Fortress, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and R2D2, has my full attention.Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Shea! … [Read more...]

I am so grateful…

... that I live in a democratic country; and that my HOPE is placed in the right man: a leader with no term limits; who loves everyone equally (red, blue, rich, poor, white, black, born, unborn); who even loves his enemies... so much that he forbids mocking them or laughing at their folly; who will prove himself faithful and true on every single promise; who shows me grace in spite of my blindspots and pride; and who will never ever make a concession speech.And now, let's get back … [Read more...]

Browser, 10/29

When you say that The Bible is true, do you mean... literally?¬†I'm thrilled to see that Mark Shea has begun a series on rediscovering how the early church read The Bible. The series begins here. It should be a very stimulating series, with Shea at the helm. There aren't many voices in Christian writing as engaging, witty, and revealing as Shea's. And besides... he quotes Gandalf the way other scholars quote, well, other scholars.PopMatters gets one thing right: WovenHand is awesome. But I a … [Read more...]

Do You Believe? Scorsese, Lynch, and Others Answer

Adam Walter's found some interesting reading: A book called Do You Believe?, featuring interviews with folks like David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Saul Bellow, and Eli Weisel, about their own perspectives on, and experiences with, God, faith, and religion.  … [Read more...]

Donata Wenders: How I came to Christ.

I read this today, and it made a good day much, much better.God bless Donata Wenders. … [Read more...]

Mia Farrow on "The Omen" and her Catholicism

Mia Farrow is back, talking about her new spooky movie, her past, her children, and her faith. … [Read more...]