Guess Why I Love This Trailer

I'm rather excited about this.Anybody want to make a guess as to why I've watched this trailer several times? … [Read more...]

Whitest Christmas Ever.

We're snowed in for Christmas.We've canceled our trip to Portland to spend the holiday with my family.We're doubtful that we can get to a local Christmas eve gathering.Our church has canceled all Christmas services.And it's a good thing I got home from Cincinnati, because an icy arctic blast has provoked my friends there to cancel their own Christmas parties.Be safe, everybody. We have everything we need in our own homes and hearts. No need to make that last-minute trip to … [Read more...]

Wolfgang Petersen Quits Playing “Ender’s Game”

Here's today's Overstreet Quiz Question:Jeffrey Overstreet has nieces and nephews named after which of the following fantasy-novel characters?Ender of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Daeneris of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Phinehas of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter stories Atreides - the family name of the messianic Paul in Frank Herbert's Dune Auralia of Jeffrey's own novel Auralia's ColorsMake your guess!And, while this should not influence your answer, … [Read more...]

Have a Joyous Easter!

I imagine driving from Seattle to Portland, Oregon, to my grandparents' house. … [Read more...]

Thanks, Dad.

Dad,Happy Father's Day!But before you settle in with a good book, let me say a few words of thanks...Here you are in your dorm room at Seattle Pacific, back in your university days. What a journey it must have been, from a childhood in Mossyrock, Washington to school in the big city. Thanks for being such a great student in school. Your enthusiasm for studying, and your confidence that education would only uphold and affirm your Christian faith, continues to inspire me. Because … [Read more...]


My Christmas visit with family and friends in Portland, Oregon, was a time that humbled me and reminded me of just how generously God has filled my life with amazing people. … [Read more...]

Mmmmm! Kitten Soup!

The funniest thing I've read online today was in the blog of my brother-in-law Jeremy, a mischievous father if I've ever known one. His blog basically recounts interesting episodes with his children. Here's the entry that made me laugh out loud.... … [Read more...]