Specials: Fantasy Debut Talks “Auralia’s Colors”; Walter Talks “Lars and the Real Girl”

Three quick notes before I close up shop here at 1 a.m. ...I had a chat with Fantasy Debut's Tia Nevitt about Auralia's Colors this week, which you're welcome to read. She asked thoughtful questions. (A while back, she finished reading the book and posted her thoughts.)Adam Walter, one of my favorite bloggers, just posted some wonderful observations on my favorite comedy of 2007: Lars and the Real Girl. He also noted Ebert's response (but warns of spoilers).P.S. Don't miss McSweeny's … [Read more...]

“Best Sense of Wonder”

Thanks to Fantasy Debut for the mention of Auralia's Colors here!It's such a relief to read something like this after all of that hard work.Thanks, Tia! … [Read more...]