Why I Want to Be George R. R. Martin’s Neighbor

This article on "Christian fantasy" by novelist Lars Walker confesses something that may surprise his readers: I don’t read much fantasy, and I read almost no Christian fantasy. I’ve been burned too many times. You buy a book, hoping to experience over again the joys great fantasy can provide (for me, the Mines of Moria, the Ride of the Rohirrim, and the resurrection of Aslan provided the greatest moments of joy I’ve ever experienced in literature), and what do you get? Wannabees. Wannabee Tolki … [Read more...]

Iambic Interview: “Who Influenced The Auralia Thread?” “Why Is Fantasy So Popular?”

At the blog Iambic Admonit, I've been interviewed about The Auralia Thread and the state of modern moviegoing. This was a challenging interview: I could have written an essay for almost every question, including... … [Read more...]

Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time”… Comic Books?

A comic book adaptation of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series? … [Read more...]

Curator: Jenni Simmons Invites You to a Conversation on Fantasy and Imagination

A few days back, Jenni Simmons and I had a long conversation about imagination and fantasy. … [Read more...]

What are your favorite fantasy novels… for grownups?

We had a lot of fun a few weeks back considering what the best fantasy novels for young readers might be.That prompted this question from a reader named Melissa: I really enjoyed your recommendations for "what to read after Narnia" with your kiddos. We are loving DiCamillo!Do you have a similar list for adults? I've read The Lords of the Rings, Harry Potter, and your books, and I would love to know what else is worth reading. I've looked on your site and haven't found a recommended books … [Read more...]

Fantasy for Young Children: What Comes After Narnia?

I received this letter this morning from a pastor: … [Read more...]

The Eagles are Coming!

The Eagles are Coming!, my essay on the power of fantasy storytelling and fairy tales is published in the new issue of Response magazine. It features a new, original illustration by Bryan Pollard of the eagles rescuing Frodo and Sam at the climax of The Return of the King. … [Read more...]

Best Fantasy of 2007

Some of most prolific bloggers on the subject of Fantasy Literature have published their annual favorites lists.Check these out!Graeme's Fantasy Book Review OF Blog of the Fallen Fantasy Book Critic … [Read more...]

Fantasy Pet Peeves

The fantasy section of the bookstore is such a wasteland of derivative, unimaginative, indulgent storytelling. And I say that as someone whose house is full of fantasy volumes, and who spends many hours every week working on fantasy stories. It's such a rich tradition, but holy Merry Brandybuck, it can be tough to find true inspiration and enchantment amidst so much disposable and recycled material.I laughed and cheered all the way through this hilarious list of fantasy-lit pet peeves, even … [Read more...]

Burning Harry at the Stake

More Christians line up to condemn Harry Potter as the devil's business... at Christian Today (not to be confused with Christianity Today.) While they're at it, why not blacklist Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the tales of King Arthur, and Beauty and the Beast as well? Those stories are full of spells and unsettling magic. What would their response be to this news? Whether using dragons, firefish or sword-wielding soccer moms, writers in the emerging category of … [Read more...]