The Most Meaningful Movie Moments You’ve Ever Seen

Something very special is happening right now over at the Looking Closer Journal blog.I'm enjoying the many comments of readers who are sharing their favorite movie moments of all time.I'd love to know which moments stand out for you. … [Read more...]

That Movie Moment… the One Moment You Love Most… What Is It?

Yesterday, I read the Hollywood Reporter special roundtable conversation with directors David Lynch, Emilio Estevez, Nancy Meyers, Guillermo del Toro, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. I love the idea of David Lynch participating in a round-table discussion of ANYTHING, because he's always inhabiting a very different reality from the rest of us.Today, Jeffrey Wells has noted the same conversation in his blog. And in doing so, it occurred to me... why not blog about it, and pass along one of … [Read more...]

Winners of the "Movies that Changed You" contest

This was an extremely subjective contest, and thus it was difficult to pick winners from the many honest, interesting testimonials.Some talked about how it revealed to them what art at its best can do. Some of the contributors talked about how the movie affected them emotionally. Several talked about how the film were demonstrations of scriptural principles, or how it powerfully illustrated things that they deeply believe. And movies certainly do these things. They lift up our emotions. They … [Read more...]

CONTEST!! Movie Moments that really CHANGED you.

I first saw Ben-Hur when I was in high school. The wheels of those racing chariots dug ruts into my memory. But I also remember that, despite its sprawling adventures, despite Charlton Heston's brawny performance, it was Jesus who stole the show with one small cameo.It just so happens that I've got a copy of the new special edition release of Ben-Hur on DVD, and I'm going to pass it on to whoever offers me the best answers to the following questions:What movie moment was the most … [Read more...]