Another Year, Another Bunch of Meaningless Awards

A lot of people are talking about last night's Golden Globes awards. Thank goodness. Just when some interesting discussions were happening about the films of 2012, along comes a show that will drown out those conversations with tsunami of meaningless celebrity buzz. Nothing kills thoughtful consideration of art like turning it into a contest.So, I'll play my small, contrarian role by trying to rekindle the conversations about the artistry in the films that the HFPA decided to call "the … [Read more...]

The Best Films of 2012? Here’s the Indiewire 2012 Critics Poll

So... was The Master a good movie, or not? What about Lincoln or The Avengers? What about This is 40 or Zero Dark Thirty?This year, I had the honor of becoming one of the film critics rating films for Indiewire. That led to an invitation to vote in their year-end poll on the best films of 2012.204 film critics voted in this year's Indiewire critics' poll.  … [Read more...]

So It Begins: National Board of Review Honors

The National Board of Review's awards for 2010 have been announced.The always-dubious affair has some typically excellent examples of "Wow! Awesome!" and "What the...?" And, as always, this sparks a season of everybody else coming up with better selections than these.A few highlights: … [Read more...]

Preach It, Andrew Stanton!

Andrew Stanton, writer/director of WALL•E, accepting the award for Best Picture from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association last night: It's huge for us, huge. We've been trying since Toy Story to just make a film, and not have the word animated suddenly stick it in a different box. I mean to us, it's no different than choosing black and white or color on something. So, that shouldn't dictate the content. And, it's nice to just finally break the glass ceiling. … [Read more...]

The Los Angeles Film Critics: “WALL-E is the Best Movie of 2008”

Something is happening.Among American film critics, WALL-E is emerging as a favorite for the year's Best Picture. The L.A. Film Critics just joined TIME's Richard Corliss and The New Yorker's Anthony Lane, heralding Pixar's movie as the Best Film of 2008. The only film receiving similar love is Slumdog Millionaire.Will the Academy take notice? Will they realize that animated films are works of art worthy of comparison with live-action films? Will WALL-E be nominated for Best … [Read more...]

Lists 2008: National Board of Review

And so it begins.(Via USA Today) The National Board of Review kicks off the award season with their picks for 2008: … [Read more...]

The Best Films of 2007 – according to the Faith and Film Critics Circle

Ratatouille, Into Great Silence, Lars and the Real Girl and... yes... There Will Be Blood all won awards in the Faith and Film Critics Circle awards for 2007, announced yesterday at The Matthews House Project.There were also ties in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress contests.Discover the winners here. (Go to "Announcing the Best of 2007.")Which critics voted in the final round?Steven GreydanusRob JohnstonCatherine BarsottiGreg Wr … [Read more...]

The Faith and Film Critics: Preparing the Best of 2007 Awards

Thanks to Ron Reed for making it public!This year's nominees for the best films of 2007 according to the Faith and Film Critics Circle are quite surprising! That is to say, when the critics were polled, their favorite narrative films did not include one of the titles you'd most expect to see there. You'll see what I mean in the list below. The winners will be announced next week.Who are the Faith and Film Critics Circle? Find out here.¬†I managed this endeavor for a while, an … [Read more...]

CTMovies: The Top 10 Most Redeeming Movies of 2007

Okay, here's the first of CTMovies' two annual movie lists... … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Films of 2006, According to Christianity Today

The film critics of Christianity Today Movies have voted.And these are the Cream of the Crop ... the Top 10 Films of 2006.Quite a few critics contributed here, and we all had strikingly different opinions, so it's interesting to see how it all worked out. And hey, look what's at #3! The New World! … [Read more...]