Film Forum is Up… Thanks to Chattaway

Still basking in the greatness of the Glen Workshop. Just had tearful goodbyes with several of the fiction writers with whom I formed strong bonds this week. Things are wrapping up in a hurry now. Sigh. I could live with this community, and it would bear many resemblances to my idea of heaven. … [Read more...]

What’s the verdict on "Fantastic Four"? The critics disagree.

Here's this week's Film Forum, covering Fantastic Four, Dark Water, March of the Penguins, and Rebound, along with several more War of the Worlds reviews... and the return of Michael Leary! … [Read more...]

THUMBS’ UP? What Christian critics say about "Hitchhikers"

My column is up.One of the highlights, from my friend Annabelle, who never hesitates to speak her mind: … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Title Scare You

Born into Brothels, filmed in the red light district of Calcutta, sounds like a nightmare. And, in some ways, it is. But it's also joyful, funny, delightful, full of surprises, and packed with characters you'll want to throw your arms around.It's also real. … [Read more...]

Which Film Contains More Make Believe – ‘Kinsey’ or ‘Finding Neverland’?

Here's this week's edition of Film Forum, with more than you need to know about this week's new releases. … [Read more...]

Because you’re all wondering…

...why I didn't include Peter T. Chattaway's review of Thunderbirds in today's Christianity Today Film Forum, well... it's because I'm sloppy and forgetful, and because this week's forum took twice as long to assemble due to a suddenly flurry of new review-activity online.So, I enthusiastically do hereby present unto you the link... … [Read more...]

Christian Critics Argue over The Notebook

This week's edition of Film Forum is the liveliest in many months, featuring a wide range of opinions on Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Notebook, plus euphoric raves over Spider-Man 2 and admiration for Two Brothers. … [Read more...]