Browser: Séraphine. A new Peter Weir film. Jedi Knights. Cussing. And More.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.Hi ho, Jeffrey the overworked editor here.Blogging's been slow, as you have probably noticed. I've been reviewing the proofreading edits for Raven's Ladder, and that effort has swallowed every evening and weekend from September 8th to the present. (I do all of this, oh best beloved, in the hours after my work at the day-job. Call it "burning the candle at … [Read more...]

Thomas Hibbs Gets “The Dark Knight.” Plus: Andrew Sarris.

And here... we... GO!Thomas Hibbs from First Things: It would be hard to imagine a more compelling embodiment of the escalation of evil in Gotham than what Nolan and actor Heath Ledger have created in the character of The Joker, whose insouciant embrace of chaos eclipses the malevolence of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs and John Doe from Se7en. What makes Nolan‚Äôs latest film such a success is not, however, Ledger‚Äôs compelling presentation of evil, on which critics have focused … [Read more...]

How good is “Rambo”?

Anthony Sacramone, First Things: The Worst Film of 2008. . . . And I don't care that it's only January. . . . The violence in this shameless spectacle is so over the top it makes Apocalypto look like Gumby's Greatest Adventure. Rambo is nothing more than a sadistic gorefest: rife with disembowlments, beheadings, exploding bodies, severed limbs, tortured children, and raped and caged women. ... This film subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge. Thanks to Peter Chattaway and Steven … [Read more...]

First Things Reviews “Babel”

At First Things, Anthony Sacramone has turned in an insightful review of Babel... and what it could have been. … [Read more...]