Raise a Glass to Today’s Birthday Girl!

Our response to life is different if we have been taught only a definition of faith than if we have trembled with Abraham as he held a knife over Isaac. Who said that? … [Read more...]

Flannery O’Connor in the Criterion Collection

Here's a new essay at Criterion about their latest release: Wise Blood.I've heard very mixed things about this film, insofar as it represents (or fails to) the story O'Connor wrote. Will you be picking up this DVD? Have you seen the film? I'd love to hear your take on it. … [Read more...]

“Wise Blood” is Coming to Criterion

This may be the only thrilling opportunity I have to tag a post with both "Flannery O'Connor" and "The Criterion Collection." So here goes...The Criterion Collection is already wondrous beyond all measure, but do they really have to show off like this?They're adding John Huston's legendary 1979 adaptation of Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood in May. … [Read more...]

Reader Mail – 6/4: Pocorn is evil; Cyndere’s cover art; Derrickson on gradual bedazzlement; Bob on the iTunes lecture

from Julie: What do you eat at the movies? … [Read more...]

The Browser, 5/8: O’Connor; Berryman; Joe Henry; Elvis Costello; Ron Burgundy; Image on Lumet’s latest

Do you have the equipment?Flannery O'Connor blogged twice this week. That's always worth a look. And what great quotes. … [Read more...]

The Browser: Dobson and the election. Another Top Ten List. O’Connor.

Whitman on this election year's Dobson¬†factor Some writers make me nod off. Andy Whitman makes me nod on, and on, and on.¬†-A Lively ListVJ Morton has one of the most interesting¬†Best of 2007 lists I've¬†seen, and a thoughtful trip through the¬†acting categories too. Bonus! Actual scenes from great films!¬†-Falling for Flannery... Again!And last but certainly not least... in fact, perhaps this should have been first... Flannery O'Connor, via her blog:What the fictio … [Read more...]

Saturdays are Better with a Dash of Flannery O’Connor

I'm taking a break from my four-day editing marathon to give the editor in my head some rest.In the meantime, I'm meditating on a few quotations from Flannery O'Connor. … [Read more...]

Long-title Specials: Fibbs on “Assassination”; a Wedding for Hurst; Flannery on the Church

The Brandon Fibbs Review of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.That was fun to type out. I think I'll share some more news in the same style...-The Proposal of Josh Hurst to Kati Ferst Resulting in Their EngagementCongratulations to one of my favorite bloggers and critics... Josh Hurst!-And finally...The Perspective of Flannery O'Connor on the Imperfections of the ChurchA memorable quote, worth passing around, featured recently at … [Read more...]

Your Daily Dose of Flannery

WARNING: Yesterday's blog entry by Abraham Piper (on John Piper's blog) is wired to explode and shake up the sensibilities of Christians in the arts everywhere.He's armed with combustible quotes from Flannery O'Connor... the kind of truth that can start fires.Proceed with caution. You just might become inspired. And who knows what might happen as a result. … [Read more...]

Comparing Robert Bresson and Flannery O’Connor

The new issue of Senses of Cinema sounds is a feast of thought-provoking essays.Not only does it have a feature on the long, slow emergence of Blade Runner as a classic, but it features four essays on Robert Bresson... including one that asks us to consider the correlation of Bresson's filmmaking and Flannery O'Connor's writing. They express their faith through images and characters and styles that only seem faithless and without reverence. Initially, in O’Connor especially, this comes off a … [Read more...]