Belle and Sebastian’s New Happy Song About Sadness

I’ve just heard the most joyful song about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.Wow, you’re already putting on your headphones, aren’t you?Seriously, give this a chance... … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Fritz Liedtke

I'm so glad that the incredible work by my friend Fritz Liedtke is finding an appreciative audience.Here's an impressive behind-the-scenes video... … [Read more...]

The Artists’s Job: An Artist’s Life Workshop in Portland

If you're an artist living anywhere near Portland, or want to pay Portland a visit, here's something to consider:The Artist's Job: Making a Life and a Living as an Artist … [Read more...]

To Savor or To Save?

E.B. White, in an interview with The New York Times in 1969, said: … [Read more...] Spirited imagery

My longtime friend Fritz Liedtke has been blogging in recent months, offering images and slideshows from his rather impressive adventures as a photographer.He photographs a lot of weddings and portraits, and yet these spirited images show that it's not just work for him. He finds a lot of beauty in candid moments along the way. (You can look up his main Web page here.)And then, outside of his wedding work, he does some brave exploratory photography. In recent years, he has ventured into … [Read more...]

“The True False Identity” and Author Photos

Today was a good day.Today, I purchased five general admission floor tickets for the T Bone Burnett concert in Seattle, which will take place on Sunday, June 11.And I listened to his new album for the third time.And in what is promising to be a very, very good music year, it's going to be hard to beat this brilliant piece of work.The True False Identity is dark, dark, dark, and enthralling. The man has been through the wringer, and you can feel it in every world-weary … [Read more...]

Pick up a copy of LensWork!

A close friend of mine, who also happens to be one of my favorite photographers, is getting extraordinary honors this month.A portfolio of Fritz Liedtke's work is featured in the new issue of LensWork. And one of the images from his exhibit "Welcome to Wonderland," a collection of images exploring the strange and unstable land of adolescence, is on the cover.LensWork is one of the top fine art photography magazines. Its reproductions are museum-book quality, having won numerous … [Read more...]

Fritz Liedtke’s Photo Journal of India After the Tsunami

From the supremely talented Fritz Liedtke, a photographer in Portland, Oregon... … [Read more...]

Check out

One of my favorite photographers has just posted some of his art online. … [Read more...]