Cinematic States Contest Results: And the Winner Is…

Whose name did I draw from the hat?Last week, I invited readers of Looking Closer to tell us which movie best captures the character of their home territory. This was inspired by Cinematic States, Gareth Higgins' thought-provoking tour of the U.S.A., exploring each state's history and character by considering the films that, in his view as an inquisitive North Irishman, show us that state's heart.People wrote in and... well... I confess that I'm not actually using a hat. I'm wearing a … [Read more...]

Which Movie Captures Your Part of the World? Tell Me, and You Might Win a Great Book.

"This is really wonderful stuff. Thoughtful, unique, insightful, and funny. It's unlike anything I've ever read."That's what Scott Teems, director of Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey and That Evening Sun, and writer for the hit TV series Rectify, says about Cinematic States, the new book by my friend, the Northern Irish film enthusiast and author Gareth Higgins.Marc Cousins, the brilliant film scholar who created the best documentary series on cinematic history that I've ever se … [Read more...]

Notes from Gareth Higgins and Scott Derrickson on the Shootings in Colorado…

Some thought-provoking reflections on the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, from the Facebook page of the honorable Gareth Higgins (mastermind of the Wild Goose Festival): When President Obama says that those in authority will do everything possible to ensure safety in the light of the Colorado cinema shootings, I hope we can have a thoughtful conversation about how policies promoted by a national myth addicted to violence cannot be divorced from how some individuals may not be able to control … [Read more...]