Can’t Stop the Signal: Flashback to a Meeting with Joss Whedon and the Firefly Cast

Seven years ago this week, I stepped into a room in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for what would become one of the most memorable experiences of my film-reviewing career.I'd been invited to a press event for the release of Serenity, the long-awaited feature film written and directed by Joss Whedon that would give fans of the prematurely canceled television series Firefly a last, bittersweet visit to that fantastic galaxy far, far away.I joined a small group of journalists for … [Read more...]

I Know Who Joss Whedon Should Cast as "Wonder Woman."

Okay, am I losing any sleep over who's going to play Wonder Woman?No, not really. But Joss Whedon is writing it, so I want it to succeed, because the more that Whedon succeeds the more likely we are to see more episodes of Firefly or a sequel to Serenity.So... with what little I know of the Wonder Woman comics, I can tell you this: Rachel Bilson is no Wonder Woman. Bison is little. She's a kid. Wonder Woman?Who would I cast? … [Read more...]