Win a Lucinda Williams Double Album: Tell Us About Your Favorite 2014 Album

It's a Christmas miracle: I ended up with a second copy of one of my favorite 2014 albums. And I'm in the mood to give somebody a Christmas present.So tell me: What album meant the most to you in 2014? And why? … [Read more...]

Win a Free Copy of Paula Huston’s New Novel: A Land Without Sin

Want to win a book?How about a book from Publishers Weekly's recent Best Summer Books of 2013?I'm giving away two beautiful, hardbound copies of the new novel by Paula Huston. Huston is the author of Daughters of Song, The Holy Way, Simplifying the Soul, and A Season of Mystery. She's also an instructor in Seattle Pacific University's MFA in Creative Writing program.And now she has a new novel from Slant Books.What's it about? … [Read more...]

Winners of Auralia’s Fifth Anniversary Contest (Correction)

[UPDATE: I've just been informed that, due to a strange corruption of the file in which the submissions were compiled, some of the names and toasts were mixed up. Thus, the vote-tally turned up a bad result, with the wrong name attached to one of the winning toasts. My apologies to the person who was erroneously congratulated, and to the true winner - Adam Beckmeyer - whose toast is the Second Place Winner. Fortunately for Adam, prizes have not been mailed yet, so he will receive his rewards for … [Read more...]

Raise a Toast Before the Deadline! (Deadline Extended to 9 p.m.)

I forgot to post a reminder over the weekend.So I'll give you a little more time. You now you have until 9 p.m. (Seattle time) tonight to enter the Auralia's Colors 5th Anniversary contest and turn in your toast to Auralia.If you missed the initial announcement, check out the prize packages that are up for grabs in this toast-a-thon. … [Read more...]

How to get a signed volume from The Auralia Thread for free…

Buy a book from The Auralia Thread from your local bookstore, and I'll send you another book from the series free of charge!Here's how this deal works... … [Read more...]

Sudden Giveaway: Are you following The Auralia Thread on Facebook?

I'm giving away a strange assortment of stuff from my desk:A signed copy of The Ale Boy's Feast, Auralia bookmarks, a map of the Expanse signed by artist Rachel Beatty, posters for True Grit and The Adjustment Bureau, and two issues of Response magazine.Want to have your name in the drawing? … [Read more...]

Gift Basket Giveaway: Win All Four Auralia Thread Novels, a Map, and a Teleidoscope!

Here are the details... … [Read more...]

Book Release Day, The Other Journal on The Ale Boy’s Feast, and Free Gifts!

Sometimes I read reviews and feel that I must have failed terribly to express what was happening in my imagination and my heart.But then, along comes a review from a reader who "got it," who saw clearly much of the light that I hoped to reflect.Today, I've read one of those reviews, and it is heartening, to say the least.Robert Joustra has written a wonderfully observant (and spoiler-free!) review of The Ale Boy's Feast, which was published today... the book's release day! … [Read more...]

I Like Your Chances

Fiction Addict is giving away ten sets of The Auralia Thread. Ten sets of the entire series!Want one? … [Read more...]

Want to Get a Copy of The Ale Boy’s Feast Before the Bookstores Get It?

If you'd like a free, signed copy of...... before the book arrives in stores, here's what you should do: … [Read more...]