First Position (2011)

My review of First Position is published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image. … [Read more...]

Is Today’s Young Adult Literature “Too Dark”?

If you were to ask me that question, I would refer you to my favorite Young Adult novelist: Sara Zarr.And she would say something like this... … [Read more...]

Beginners (2010)

This review was originally published at Good Letters, a blog hosted by Image.-During a lecture last March, I spoke fondly of a friend whom I had recently lost to cancer. Halfway through the anecdote, I suddenly recognized his wife, the mother of his two young children, in the audience, listening in rapt attention. She was far from home, a surprise visitor. I almost choked. And I suddenly began weighing my words with much greater care. Had I represented her husband well?Loss makes … [Read more...]

The Tree of Life: My First Impressions

My first-impression thoughts on The Tree of Life are posted at Image's blog - Good Letters. ...  … [Read more...]

“Happy Thieves”

Today at Image, A.G. Harmon has posted some thoughts on one of 2011's must-see movies... … [Read more...]

Freewill, Predestination, and The Adjustment Bureau

There's a flourishing debate about freewill and determinism going on among moviegoers who have seen The Adjustment Bureau?Or, at least, the materials I was sent promoting the film made it clear that this was the intention.Are your friends all buzzing with concern about whether their movements have been programmed, or whether they are free enough to argue with God? If such a conversation is happening, what does that say about the film? … [Read more...]

A Boxer and Some Briefs

Huh. Once in a while, my opinion of a movie aggravates other reviewers I really respect. That seems to have happened with The Fighter. Over at, there's been quite a long debate about the film.And now, today, my thoughts were quoted in an unexpected place. … [Read more...]

Me Versus The Fighter

I've summed up my thoughts on the movie The Fighter... … [Read more...]

If you build it, they will come. But you’re not off the hook. (My thoughts on The Social Network.) has just posted a few of my thoughts on The Social Network, the new film by David Fincher.Here's a bit that didn't end up in the review, probably because it wasn't so much about the movie as it was about defending Facebook from its critics: … [Read more...]

Inception (2010)

My review of Inception is published in two parts at Good Letters, the Image blog.Here's Part One.And here's Part Two.  … [Read more...]