How “Downton Abbey” Should End

I don't care to know how Downton Abbey really ends, because I can't think of a better ending than this one...- Dame Maggie Smith wakes up with a cry. Kelly Macdonald is there, having just brought a tray of breakfast. Emily Watson is there too, with Dame Maggie's newspaper. "Oh my," says Maggie, flustered. "I've just had the longest and most melodramatic dream!" … [Read more...]

Your favorite films of 2001?

So, it’s been ten years…Now that you’ve had a decade to chew on these films, I’d be curious to know what you would now choose as your top 5, 10, or 20 of 2001.It’s a list that includes titles that weren’t accessible in the U.S. until 2001, with the exception of a festival or two. It’s quite a bit different than how I’d rated my favorites in 2001, although my favorite is *still* my favorite. … [Read more...]

Today’s Favorite: “The Help”

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