“Fay Grim” and “Waitress”

During hours when I couldn't write over the last couple of weeks, I managed to wedge in two films... Fay Grim'Tis the summer of sequels. But forget Spidey, Captain Jack, and Jason Bourne... I know what you've REALLY been waiting to see. The follow-up to Henry Fool!!What? You haven’t? You never saw Hal Hartley’s sick and twisted 1998 comedy about the garbage man who became a famous poet?If you want a witty, challenging comedy about art, pornography, poetry, trash, publishing, a … [Read more...]

Hal Hartley Hearts Terrence Malick

As a huge fan of Hal Hartley's The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, Simple Men, and Henry Fool, I can't wait to see his Henry Fool sequel, Fay Grim. Here he is talking about it with to Choire Sicha in a special for The LA Times: Sicha: It's a crucial component to "Fay Grim" that Fay goes off and becomes involved with the drama of Europe.Hartley: I wanted Fay to be the representative American of a certain type: well-intentioned but ill-informed. This is a story of her getting tossed into the wider … [Read more...]