Half-shot #9: Michael Knepfer names that movie!

Michael Knepfer has figured out that confounding Half-Shot #9.The film is Harold and Maude.This means that the next Half-Shot will have two hints:Reverend (for The Cubicle Reverend, who won Half-Shot #8) and Michael (because Michael won this round.)So stay tuned... … [Read more...]

Half-shot #9: Making it easier.

More than 20 guesses, and still no winner on Half-Shot Contest #9.Okay, here's a little more of the picture...If you love movies, I'm pretty sure you know this film. … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #9

I still haven't found a good half-shot related to the term "reverend." (And since the last winner was The Cubicle Reverend, I should be able to find SOMETHING related to that name.)So, until I find one, here's another half-shot for you....Any guesses? … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #8: Your hint might be "Nick" or "Alexander"

What film is this half-shot from?Since Nick Alexander won our last contest, you'll find a hint in either his first or his last name... but not both.(And Nick, as the most recent winner, you're disqualified from this round. Isn't winning a drag?) … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #6 – winner!!

Congratulations, Nick Alexander! Pearl Harbor is, indeed, the film, in which Josh Hartnett plays Danny.This means, of course, that either "Nick" or "Alexander" will be your hint for the next Half-Shot. Stay tuned.... … [Read more...]

Half-shot #7 Contest

Since Danny Walter correctly identified the Mad Dog and Glory shot, your hint for this contest is "Danny."Which film is this from?Danny Walter, you've won twice! You may not compete this time! Your power is too great! … [Read more...]

Half-Shot #6 winner – Danny Walter!

Danny Walter is, again, the winner of the Half-Shot contest, correctly identifying this shot as being from Mad Dog and Glory.And yes, Robert DeNiro is playing a man named Wayne.So, to continue with this trend, the next half-shot will have something to do with the name DANNY. (But Danny will be disqualified.) … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #6: Your hint… "Wayne"

Since Wayne Proctor won the last Half-Shot Contest, correctly identifying a frame from The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the name "Wayne" is your hint for this frame.What film is this moment from?The winner gets to choose the film for the next contest. … [Read more...]

Half-Shot #5 winner! Wayne Proctor!

Well, that took, what... a few minutes?Wayne Proctor was the one to recognize that famous hat, which sits on the head of the dangerously beautiful Lena Olin in The Unbearable Lightness of Being.So, in the next contest, the name Wayne will be in some way related to the film... … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #5: An easy one.

What film is this half-shot from?Okay... the new prize idea is this: Get it right, and the next Half-Shot contest will be in some way related to your name.I predict we'll have a winner TODAY... probably in the next three hours.Post your guess in the comments. … [Read more...]