The Incredibles (and Other 10-Year-Old Films); Jesus Films; Matt Zoller Seitz; Scott Cairns

I haven't posted any Hi 5s on ths blog in a while, but it's... um... "hi time" that I got back in the habit of it. Gratitude is good for the soul.What is Hi 5 to the Face? Find out here.Let's get started! This time, I'm sending Hi 5s to the following superstars...Ken Morefield over at 1 More Film Blog, for inviting Steven Greydanus to toast Pixar's The Incredibles, which is now ten years old! … [Read more...]

Hi 5: Creativity in the Dark; Sam Phillips; Todd Fadel; Mike D’Angelo; Matt Zoller Seitz; John Sayles; and More.

What is Hi 5 to the Face? Find out here.This week, Hi 5s go out to...Fast Company's Eric Jaffe: For this fantastic article on "Why Creativity Thrives in the Dark."I've known instinctively since childhood that I'm more creative in a dimly lit, or dark, room. And since high school I've felt frustrated in rooms brightly lit with fluorescent panels, sensing my best creativity and capacity for learning is going to waste beneath them. Under fluorescent arrays, I feel like a bug on a bug … [Read more...]

Hi 5: Autumn Arrives, Eric Crissman Moves On

BREAKING NEWS: Summer is over and Autumn has arrived in Seattle!After an intolerable stretch of sunny days — perhaps the most relentless flood of sunshine the Emerald City has seen in decades — the clouds and rain have finally begun to move in and liberate Seattle from the conditions that confuse them and cause them to question their identity.So, we're sending out a massive HI 5 TO THE FACE to Autumn. Rain, thunder, lightning, radiant colors, melancholy, depression... bring it all on! … [Read more...]

Hi 5: Why Criticism Matters; Alissa Wilkinson; William James Bookseller; Facebook Followers

Here's today's Hi 5 to the Face report. Hi 5s are going out to...Adam Kirsch, senior editor of The New Republic: For contributing to The New York Times feature Why Criticism Matters." In an editorial titled "The Will Not to Power, but to Self-Understanding," Hirsch spells out something that lines right up with an approach to criticism that I whole-heartedly  embrace.Alissa Wilkinson: For posting this excerpt from Kirsch's article on her blog, which led us to the whole inspiring article. … [Read more...]

Hi 5: Sam Phillips’ “Push Any Button”; Sara Zarr’s “The Lucy Variations;” Tasha Golden; Josh Wilson; Nick Olson; Alissa Wilkinson; and More.

A Hi 5 to the Face to...Legendary rock-and-roll recording artist Sam Phillips: For sending this fantastic, one-of-a-kind, handmade LP cover of her wildly inventive, high-spirited new album Push Any Button.You can order your own copy here, including these very limited edition covers made by Sam's own hands. They're the best handmade object since... well, Cravis Frankly, my colleague who you see holding the album cover in this photograph.Watch out, Sam. Here comes a handmade HI 5 TO … [Read more...]