Is This the Year’s Best Christmas Film?

That's my question in my latest article at Image's Good Letters blog. … [Read more...]

Laura Bramon Good on “The Girlfriend Experience”

I've been following Laura Bramon Good's writing since she spent some time at SPU as the year's Milton Fellow, leading the Milton Center writers' group. She's an excellent writer with a big heart, and I love her contributions to the Good Letters blog at Image.This week, she's written on the new Soderbergh film, The Girlfriend Experience. Here's an excerpt: I’ve seen The Girlfriend Experience twice: once, under the guise of professional development for my anti-human trafficking day-job, and a … [Read more...]

Gregory Wolfe on Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”… and Image.

I haven't seen Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker. That's something I must rectify soon, especially since Tarkovsky's Mirror, Andrei Rublev, and The Sacrifice are among the most memorable films I've seen in the last two decades.Here's Gregory Wolfe reflecting on Stalker, and what it has to do with his ongoing work with Image journal. … [Read more...]

A 20th Anniversary event… and you’re invited to read every word.

All in one issue.Gregory Wolfe on Tarkovsky's Stalker Franz Wright Makoto Fujimura Tim Rollins Robert Cording Ron Hansen Stanley Hauerwas Christian Wiman Ted & Cathy Prescott Scott Cairns Harold Fickett and... Sam Phillips (interviewed by yours truly)You'll get this 20th Anniversary Issue of Image free when you subscribe: here. … [Read more...]

Registration for The Glen Workshop 2009 is open!

Come join the fun, the inspiration, the awe...Anne and I will be visiting the Glen Workshop for the fifth summer in a row. It's our favorite week of the year. We call it a "sneak preview of heaven."And just look at the list of intriguing special guests who will be teaching workshops... … [Read more...]

“Cyndere’s Midnight”: Reviews and Interviews, Part One

Reviews are beginning to pop up here and there for Cyndere's Midnight: … [Read more...]

Image Artist of the Month: Wim Wenders

This month, Image Journal's Artist of the Month isfilmmaker Wim Wenders.As one who was formerly selected, I can promise Mr. Wenders that his fame will now skyrocket, and he'll never have to worry about paying bills again!All kidding aside... Wenders is one of my heroes. He's been on Image's advisory board for years, and is a good friend to publisher Greg Wolfe. He directed my all-time favorite film, Wings of Desire, and has recently been collaborating with writer/director Scott … [Read more...]

At Image: Kelly Foster on “Why I Watch Sex and the City”

I knew that if Image journal ran a piece on the Sex and the City controversy, that I would gain some perspective that I'd been lacking in the heat of the recent debate.Sure enough, Kelly Foster's honest, personal testimony, "Why I Watch Sex and the City, has made me wish I'd waited a month or two before responding. … [Read more...]

Brian Volck Discovers “There Will Be Blood”

Brian Volck saw There Will Be Blood for the first time on DVD.That's too bad, as it was a riveting big-screen experience.But Volck does not appear to have suffered much. He was, to borrow the term my friend Brandon Fibbs employed when he first saw the movie, "gobsmacked." … [Read more...]

IMAGE: “The Secret” is screwy, and other recent observations.

I continue to find frequent, thought-provoking, inspiring thoughts at the new Image blog. … [Read more...]