Ask Me Anything – Toy Story 3, Inception, “Hipsters”

On my new Tumblr site, there's a feature called "Ask Me Anything."Nobody ever uses it.And yet here at, people ask me things all the time.So, I figure I'd better answer the questions where they're being asked.And in this new, recurring "Ask Me Anything" series, I'll often consolidate questions for the sake of convenience.Like this question, which has come up frequently both here and on Facebook: Q: When will you review Toy Story 3? … [Read more...]

Inception (2010)

My review of Inception is published in two parts at Good Letters, the Image blog.Here's Part One.And here's Part Two.  … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Doing the Zero-Gravity Dance Over Inception

My review of Inception is a two-parter, and it goes up on Good Letters, the Image blog, today and tomorrow. Here's Part One.Basically, Part One is about why I think it's interesting but ultimately disappointing.Oh, but there are some very cool things in Inception. For example, turn on your speakers and check this out... … [Read more...]