Which of your children is your favorite?

Okay, no, I'm not really asking you to name your favorite child. But now you know something of how I felt when asked to name my favorite from among my characters. … [Read more...]

Through the Eyes of Angels, Cowboys, and Christians: A tribute to Wim Wenders, and an appreciation of his films.

This interview was originally published at Looking Closer in 2006. An abridged version of this feature and interview was previously published at Christianity Today Movies.-A movie star is sitting on an old couch in the middle of the street in Butte, Montana. … [Read more...]

The Strange Horizons Interview

Thanks to John Ottinger for the interview about Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight that appears at Strange Horizons today.I take a lot of encouragement from this as I prepare to revise Raven's Ladder, the third book in The Auralia Thread. … [Read more...]

Hello, Chicago!

If you were listening to WMBI in Chicago this afternoon, and go my invitation to come visit me here at LookingCloser.org... welcome!You heard me talking about my favorite films of 2008, but hey... I only scratched the surface. I talked about Man on Wire, and Rachel Getting Married (which I just added to the list). But there are many more films that slipped by moviegoers quietly last year.Here's the (updated) list of my favorites from 2008.And thanks for listening to Steve Hiller on … [Read more...]

Hope for Where We’re Going: An Interview with Louis Schwartzberg

Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg has collected 25 interviews with memorable, remarkable Americans and sewn it together in an array of breathtaking cinematography to inspire us with a vision of dedication, determination, and imagination.Click here for Jeffrey's review of America's Heart and Soul.Jeffrey Overstreet: First of all, thank you for making this film! I'm hoping it inspires other cinematographers to put together reels of their own favorite footage, their own stories. You've given … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Margaret D. Smith, Poet and Author of “Holy Struggle” and “Barn Swallow”

TWO POEMS BY MARGARET D. SMITH Pavel talks to me over lunchMy farmhouse is away, so far from Prague there are no planes, not even cars.You can hear everything that way. The pigeons make love on rooftops,workers talk in fields, bees make sounds like music far off.My grandfather loved bees. He left Prague to live in that farmhouseto raise bees: bees in boxes, bees in fields. When he died he left me his farmhouse.The first time I stepped inside after he was … [Read more...]

The Hard Work of “Levity”: A Conversation with Director Ed Solomon

Ed Solomon's directorial debut-Levity-offers little of just that. This might surprise moviegoers eager for the latest from the writer of Men in Black. Fittingly, the title refers to what's missing from the lives of its burdened characters.Solomon is a moviemaker with a lot on his mind, including forgiveness, faith, friendship, and the way we run from self-realization and dodge the consequences for our sins. These themes needed richer soil than his previous scripts for Bill and Ted's … [Read more...]

My Third Conversation with Charlie Kaufman

I first met Charlie Kaufman when he visited Seattle to promote Adaptation. I met him again when he came back to talk about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.About a week and a half ago, when he returned to Seattle to discuss his fantastic new movie Synecdoche, New York, I interviewed him a third time. This was the most enjoyable and in-depth of the conversations. A few short excerpts appear here, in my latest article for Image's "Good Letters."Kaufman is one of my favorite … [Read more...]

In Which I Am Interviewed on “Discourse” with Stephen Reed

Thanks to Gina Dalfonzo at The Point for pointing out that the latest installment of Stephen Reed's Discourse has been posted.Discourse is an interview podcast, which is available at Breakpoint. It's a fairly new feature, and it was a privilege to be one of Stephen's first guests. … [Read more...]

WALL·E (2008) – A Review and a Conversation with Andrew Stanton

This review and interview were originally published in the online edition of Response, a magazine published by Seattle Pacific University.-Who would have believed that a mechanical trash compactor on wheels would become the most lovable big-screen personality of the year?It’s happening. The moviemaking wizards at Pixar Animation Studio are winning raves from kids and critics alike with WALL·E, thanks to the help of a little robot with a big heart. Yes, it’s business as usual for the s … [Read more...]