Podcast: Sheridan Voysey talks with me about great movies that can change lives.

You can now download the podcast of Sheridan Voysey's radio program where I discussed the power of movies with him a couple of weeks ago. (I mentioned this broadcast a few days back.)Of the many on-air conversations about movies I've enjoyed, this was one of my favorites. … [Read more...]

A Conversation with National Book Award Finalist Sara Zarr

Can we handle the truth?In Sara Zarr's first novel, Story of a Girl, one young woman's life is almost spoiled by the truth... at least when it comes to the details of her biggest mistake.When young Deanna's misguided adventure with an older boy in a car is exposed for all the world to see, she is forced to live with the consequences. Her peers, her community, her family... no one can meet her gaze in quite the same way again.But are the consequences appropriate for the crime? Why are … [Read more...]

Next Sunday: Australia’s having an Open House!

¬†I recently overheard someone referring to my new book as "Australia's Colors."Now, please... let me set this straight once and for all: Auralia's Colors has absolutely nothing to do with Australia.And speaking of Australia...I was welcomed to a radio program based in Australia last week to discuss Through a Screen Darkly.The show host was Sheridan Voysey, a true professional, who reads his notes before he sits down at the microphone. His show is called Open House. It wasn't … [Read more...]

Part 1 of a New Interview… at Culture.ish.

Jason Panella interviewed me for a website called culture.ish.Part One of our conversation was posted this week. Bookmark it so you can go back later, for Part Two.Here are Panella's questions:When did you first realize the importance of taking a critical/thoughtful approach to viewing films? How did you end up as a film reviewer? What is the role of the film critic?Those are challenging pitches to hit, but I took a couple of good swings. You be the judge as to whether I … [Read more...]

Angela Walker’s “Through a Screen Darkly” Interview

I enjoyed my interview with Angela Walker, the brains behind ChristianCinema.com. I met Angela at the Biola Media Conference 2007, and we quickly figured out that we had much to discuss. I appreciated her thoughtful questions, and we must have talked for an hour and a half. … [Read more...]

Along the Way with Kim Jeffries: “Ratatouille,” Patriotic Movies, Storytelling, and More

You can listen in on the conversation I had with Kim Jeffries on her show Along the Way. My part starts after some talk about hip-hop and the West Nile Virus. (I don't think I'm supposed to draw any conclusions from that.)In fact, I've started stopping by that show monthly, just to chat about movies with Kim.Thanks to Kim and also to Kelly Lynn for setting this up and making me feel welcome. … [Read more...]


Leif Hansen is a curious fellow.Curious in that he asks a lot of questions.So it's a good thing that he's got a podcast, and special guests to field his questions. … [Read more...]

I’ve Survived the “Steve Brown, Etc” show!

Did you hear my conversation with the wild and crazy guys on the Steve Brown, Etc. show?That's okay. It's right here. Just try and believe your ears. There's no radio show quite like this on Christian radio in my town. … [Read more...]

A Two-Part Interview at Christians in the Arts

Leanne Benfield Martin is featuring a two-part interview about Through a Screen Darkly at her blog: Christians in the Arts.Here are some of her challenging questions... … [Read more...]

Christians in the Arts: An Interview

Leanne Benfield Martin interviewed me last week, and today she has published the first part of that two-part interview.Thanks, Leanne! … [Read more...]