A Fantastic New Film Blog: Daily Plastic

What could be better than a blog by Paste's chief film critic Robert Davis? … [Read more...]

“Secret Sunshine”: Best Depiction of Evangelical Christianity?

Darren Hughes calls Secret Sunshine "the truest depiction of evangelical Christianity I've seen on film."Victor Morton doesn't quite agree. (You have to scroll down for his review.)And J. Robert Parks has mixed feelings about it. ...GreenCine Daily has even more reviews of the film from Toronto and from Cannes.  … [Read more...]

Specials: Rata-trouble? Remembering Yang.

Jeff Berryman the power of a rat in the kitchenSean Gaffney points out three serious problems with Ratatouille. Who can argue with such scathing criticism?Okay, enough kidding around. Carissa Turner Smith really does have a problem with Ratatouille, even though she enjoyed it.-J. Robert Parks has posted a tribute to Edward Yang at FramingDevice.org.  … [Read more...]

Film Forum: The Lives of Others, Reign Over Me, Pride, Shooter, TMNT, The Last Mimzy

By the beard of Zeus, it's... Looking Closer's Film Forum!REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Nothing makes me sit up and pay attention the way I do when a film critic I admire and respect publishes a review in stark disagreement with my own feelings about a particular film. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my admiration for The Lives of Others. This week, J. Robert Parks really, really disagrees. And it's the kind of review that stirs things up. It's the kind of review that makes me want to go back, see … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks Raves About “Children of Men”

I love it when a movie rekindles, and increases, my love and appreciation of what movies can do. Children of Men does that for me. I'm seeing it again tonight, and I'm just giddy with anticipation. … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks’ Top Ten Moviegoing Experiences of 2005

Looking Closer's frequent guest reviewer J. Robert Parks has just turned in his Top Ten Moviegoing Experiences of 2005, plus an alternate Top Ten Films of 2005 list. I've posted it at the Looking Closer movie page.Parks gets to see a much wider variety of films per year than I do, so I always find a lot in his list that helps guide my DVD-watching in the coming year. I think you will too. … [Read more...]

Sex onscreen: J. Robert Parks on "9 Songs"

I frequently publish reviews by my friend J. Robert Parks, who writes for a Chicago-area paper and for Paste Magazine. Parks and I see eye-to-eye on many things. Occasionally we don't.I'm posting this review of Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs even though I personally disagree with Parks on a few issues surrounding the film. (In short, I object to the filming of actors engaging in real sex acts, and I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone else view such footage. Because of this, I … [Read more...]

Grizzly Man, March of the Penguins, Duma (2005) – A Guest Review by J. Robert Parks

J. Robert Parks weighs in again, this time on three beastly films:It's a summer for penguins at the movie theater. The documentary March of the Penguins has become one of the biggest arthouse hits in recent years, so much so that its studio is rolling it out into almost 2000 theaters this weekend, hoping to push it into blockbuster territory. Furthermore, almost every other day someone stops me on the street and asks me if I've seen the film and what I think about it. I respond that I like … [Read more...]

The Edukators (2004) – A Guest Review by J. Robert Parks

Seems like J. Robert Parks is seeing all of the great films this year, while I sit and wait for them to show in Seattle... Here he goes again, raving about another must-see: The Edukators.The month of August is not usually a banner month for cinema. Hollywood will release some of its worst films in the next few weeks, assuming that most people are either on vacation or getting ready for school and, therefore, aren't going to the movies anyway. But in Chicago at least, these last weeks of … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks’ 2005 Summer Movie Preview

J. Robert Parks, who frequently contributes to the review archive at Looking Closer's movie page, stops by with a preview of this summer's big screen features... … [Read more...]