Popcorn and Penance

Tim Appelo of City Arts magazine met me recently to ask me about the debate amongst Christian moviegoers over James Cameron's Avatar.Our long conversation, which expanded to cover other movies that Christians have protested unnecessarily, became a brief article featured in the latest City Arts issue, currently available all across the Seattle area. … [Read more...]

Are you ready to go back to James Cameron?

My review of Avatar is published at Image journal. … [Read more...]

Avatar (2009)

This review of Avatar was originally published at Image. Also recommended: Steven Greydanus's review at Decent Films.-If you didn’t have one, you had a friend who did: The Big Toybox.You know the one I mean: A wooden crate like the Ark of the Covenant, full of mystery and revelation. Opened and overturned, it set loose a tidal wave of miscellaneous pieces from a hundred different worlds spilled across the floor. Building blocks, LEGOs, Tinkertoys, adventure sets, action figures, pie … [Read more...]