A Crash Diet and Convalescent Moviegoing: Jane Eyre and Please Give

I'm on Day Six of the worst stomach flu I've had in my life. Six days in bed, six days without food (besides Jello and a few Saltines), six days home from the office.But let's look at the bright side...I've needed to lose a few pounds. Done.And I've managed to see a couple of good films... … [Read more...]

Judy Dench Has Been Cast in a Period Piece… Finally!

Judi Dench will be playing a supporting role in the costume drama Jane Eyre, the latest adaptation of the classic novel by Charlotte Brontë. So, of course, that means this is a project to be taken seriously.I'd love to see someone do a clever mash-up of Dench's scenes from all of the period pieces where she has curtly snapped off lines about how the social norms are being upset.Who are the leads? … [Read more...]