Podcast: Listen as a Theology Professor, an English Professor, an Ordained Minister, and a Film Critic Talk About That Noah Movie

Just imagine.What would happen if, after all of the clamor and debate about Darren Aronofsky's controversial film Noah quieted down, I — a mild-mannered higher-ed communications specialist by day, and a cantankerous film reviewer by night — sat down in a Seattle pub with... … [Read more...]

Thanks to Jennie Spohr

Jennie Spohr is wrapping up an impressive endeavor over at Seattle's University Presbyterian Church. The film festival she hosted, entitled "Dreams of Our Childhood," inspired quite a few moviegoers to look at films with greater discernment, to appreciate more fully the possibilities and the power of big screen art.Thanks, Jennie, for your hard work. It was exciting to see people gathering in a church to discuss the rich veins of truth and beauty in films like Born into Brothels, films that … [Read more...]