Madison (2005)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today. -Jim Caviezel passed up a chance to be a character in one of the best comic book movies ever made. The actor recently told The Seattle Times that he was cast as Cyclops for the original X-Menmovie, a box-office and critical hit in 2000. But then another script came along, and Caviezel, who says he was "literally in costume as Cyclops," bolted the X set and took the other acting gig instead.The Passion of the Christ? Nope. That w … [Read more...]

Caviezel won’t be Superman. Thus sayeth the director.

Ain't It Cool News has an interview with Bryan Singer about Superman, X-3, and Logan's Run. Singer himself says that Jim Caviezel will NOT be Superman. … [Read more...]

The Answer to the Caviezel/Superman Question?

You can find what looks like plausible answers to the whole "Is Jim Caviezel going to be Superman?" hubbub at … [Read more...]

Updated again: Superman/Caviezel madness!

LATEST UPDATE: 4:02 p.m.If you haven't heard about this, see my earlier blog.Things are getting crazy. Here's my paraphrase of the craziness so far. … [Read more...]

Is Jim Ca-Jesus… Superman?

UPDATE 8/31 : Ain't It Cool now says Mark Millar's story is 100% FALSE.UPDATE 8/30: Warner Brothers is not yet confirming that Millar's report. But Barbara Nicolosi, prophetess, talked about this a while ago in her blog. To read some crazy responses to the idea, click here...Original story:Mea culpa. Nicolosi's rumor looks like it was probably correct after all. I'm in a state of shock.Can't you see the slogan?"This time... Caviezel gets to FIGHT BACK."Mark Millar … [Read more...]

Caviezel as Superman?

It's not gonna happen. It's probably gonna be the Smallville guy. … [Read more...]