Forget Twilight: These Are My Favorite Vampires

We're all vampires.That is to say, we all have particular kinds of "blood" that we seek — sources of sustenance and inspiration that keep our eyes open and our hearts beating in a dark and punishing world. … [Read more...]

What Do 2013’s Most Stylish Vampires Have in Common with Johnny Depp, Tom Waits, and Bill Murray?

In a few months, vampires will prowl on the big screen again.This may sound like unremarkable news. How many vampires have we seen on the big screen in recent years?But these approaching vampires aren't your ordinary bloodsuckers. Nor are they the sentimentalized, sparkle-chested fakes from Twilight land. Their names are Adam and Eve. They're played by Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, The Deep Blue Sea) and Tilda Swinton. They stirred up some rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival in May. … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Films of Jim Jarmusch

I've meant to write about the films of Jim Jarmusch for a long time. … [Read more...]

Browser: A 4th of July surprise. Wilco loves you, baby. Jarmusch. Bono & the Virgin. Salinger. And the scariest video ever posted online.

Hi ho, Jeffrey the Blogger here. … [Read more...]

Browser: Sam Phillips, David Bazan, Robert Shiller, economic bubbles, Bono on Easter, and Jim Jarmusch

I'm so busy editing the next strand of The Auralia Thread, Raven's Ladder, and composing new articles for Image and Christianity Today that I'm flat out of time to blog anything substantial. So here's a rundown of links that caught my attention over the last few days...There's a new Sam Phillips song on the way May 1st. David Bazan rocks Seattle Pacific University. Robert Shiller discussed Starbucks VIA, Miracle Whip, and economic bubbles, at Seattle Pacific University's Downtown … [Read more...]

“Raven’s Ladder”: An Update

The new strand of The Auralia Thread will be called Raven's Ladder.I hope you like it. Tonight (all night) and tomorrow morning (all morning) I am packaging up my first draft for the editor. I have that familiar sensation of excitement and nerves and relief and apprehension...Anyway, that's what I'm doing tonight. What are you doing?You're watching the trailer for the new Jim Jarmusch film... at Twitch. … [Read more...]

Broken Flowers (2005)

Jeffrey's review of Broken Flowers was published at Christianity Today in August 2005. … [Read more...]

Cannes 2005 Winners! Dardennes, Jarmusch, and Tommy Lee Jones!

The directors of Rosetta and The Son, two films I dearly love, have just won the coveted Palme D'Or at Cannes for their latest film The Child. America may not know it, the Academy is too narrow-minded to appreciate it, but the Dardennes Brothers are two of the finest filmmakers in the world. … [Read more...]

Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today.-If you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with anybody in the world alive today, who would you choose?Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch has done even better than that. He's brought together many of his favorite pop culture figures and filmed them while they talk to each other over cups of coffee. He's been doing this for twenty years, and now moviegoers get to enjoy the results. Coffee and Cigarettes is a film for people who want … [Read more...]