Job-hunting? Want to work for IMAGE?

IMAGE is ready to hire a full-time Director of Development.Could this be you? … [Read more...]

Do You Like Writing? Editing? Publishing? Need a Job?

Come work with me on this fantastic team of writers, editors, and designers.Seattle Pacific University is hiring a new Managing Editor for Response magazine. Make a difference. The print magazine has 58,000+ subscribers, and then there are the others who visit us online.Check out the magazine here.Subscribe to the print publication for free: Email me at with your mailing address.And find out more about the job here. Or just keep reading after the jump... … [Read more...]

Wanted: A web designer to work with me (at SPU).

Seattle Pacific University is seeking an experienced Web Designer. … [Read more...]

Tag, I’m It… 4×4.

Andy Whitman tagged Martin Stillion.Martin Stillion tagged me.My turn, I guess.Okay, here goes... … [Read more...]

Looking for your dream job in the arts?

Pray.Work hard.Strive for excellence.Be vigilant. … [Read more...]