Joe Henry’s producing an album by Dr. Gregory House?

I know Joe Henry, producer of Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Loudon Wainwright III, Mary Gauthier, and Over the Rhine, is full of surprises.But this? This may be the biggest surprise of all. … [Read more...]

My favorite song about America.

My Fourth of July song is... … [Read more...]

The Next Over the Rhine Album, According to Linford

Linford Detweiler has published a letter of epic proportions, addressing Over the Rhine fans about the future of the band, the upcoming recording sessions with Joe Henry, and more.Some highlights: … [Read more...]

News from Joe Henry

I had the privilege of chatting with one of my musical heroes this morning - singer/songwriter/producer-extraordinaire Joe Henry.I mentioned that I'd been particularly inspired during a day of heavy writing yesterday after spending time with one of my favorite volumes of poetry, Rilke's Book of Hours. One of the poems there seemed inspired by Joe's own work, specifically the song "Light No Lamp When the Sun Come Down" (although I know that this is chronologically impossible).Lo and … [Read more...]

A Musical Dream Team

The secret's out! The news is official! … [Read more...]

Joe Henry, Sam Phillips, and The Long Play:’s Video Blog #2

I'm still a beginner when it comes to iMovie. But I'm learning a little every time I work with it.This episode, in which I learn that ten minutes is too long for this sort of thing, covers some of my favorite recent music. And it has a couple of surprises for you.Enjoy.And when you're finished, go visit and, where you'll find information about two worlds abundant in poetry and insight. … [Read more...]

Browser: Still Walking. Unforgivable Blackness. Joe Henry. Inglourious Basterds.

Hi ho, Jeffrey the Recovering Storyteller here.It's my first real day off since completing Raven's Ladder. I plan to rest. Write reviews. And see movies. 500 Days of Summer and District 9, to be specific. My friend, painter Laura Lasworth, loved the first one, and blogger Mark Shea, who I encountered in the grocery store parking lot yesterday, was very impressed by the second. Can't wait to see them both.But first, some notes... … [Read more...]

Post-”Raven’s Ladder” Browser: Catching up. Dawn Treader! Catching up on summer movies. Joe Henry. More.

Having turned in Raven's Ladder, I'm excited, exhausted, and eager to enjoy what little bit of summer remains. I've spent these beautiful months laboring over a hot laptop to finish the third book in The Auralia Thread, and I hope to read some great books and see some great films (not to mention eat great meals and spend time with great people) to re-fuel.So, here's an assortment of news, links, and highlights from my re-entry into "the real world."1.Lo... the Dawn Treader... … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Joe Henry’s “Blood from Stars”


Please put on your seatbelts and helmets: I'm reduced to blathering in the very superlatives that have been beaten senseless and slapped upon lesser albums, and I'm gonna throw them around. (Then, no doubt, I'll come crawling back to revise this, feeling rather embarrassed at my presumptuous claims and flamboyant outbursts.)* * *Joe Henry's Blood from Stars is a strong candidate for my Favorite Album of the... hmmm, yes, I'll say it... Decade. Right up there with Bob Dylan's Love and … [Read more...]

The next Joe Henry album

Thanks to Andy Whitman for passing along this press release for the new album from Joe Henry: Here's the press release. … [Read more...]