Today’s specials: Richard Thompson. Fagin. Harry Potter. Pixar. And more.

Today's specials:Richard Thompson's first solo album in ages, Front Parlour Ballads, is earning a bunch of raves and a few surprisingly contrary complaints.Ho hum... here it comes. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ... the new international trailer. Hmmm. Some very nice effects on display here.Al Pacino to star in remake of Rififi, from the director of Sea of Love.Pixar blog features tributes to Joe Ranft, who died last week. If you explore this blog further, … [Read more...]

A tragic loss: Head of Pixar story department dies in crash.

The single most distinguishing strength of Pixar is its unparalleled storytelling.For all of its breakthroughs in digital animation, each and every one of Pixar's films is exemplary in character development, plotting, comedy, drama, and note-perfect climaxes. The stories are rich with moral lessons without being preachy. These strengths shine all the more by the inability of competing studios to match their achievements.I am sorry to say that the movie world has suffered a grievous … [Read more...]