Since Ryan Gosling Isn’t Going to Be The Lone Ranger…

... then I hereby nominate... … [Read more...]

Quiz: Johnny Depp will play A) Dillinger, B) The Mad Hatter, or C) Tonto…

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE:Johnny Depp will soon add to his impressive list of characters by playing:A) John DillingerB) The Mad HatterorC) Tonto?Answer? … [Read more...]

Has Terry Gilliam Found His Don Quixote?

Has Terry Gilliam found his Don Quixote?Contactmusic reports that Johnny Depp is back in cahoots with Terry Gilliam as they try once again to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a movie about that greatest challenger of windmills, Don Quixote. Depp worked with Gilliam on this project once before, but the production collapsed due to various catastrophes chronicled in the hilarious documentary Lost in La Mancha. But it looks like they're ready to try again.Alas, Gilliam's first choice to … [Read more...]

Laws of sequels: Item 231a

Laws of sequels: Item 231aA sequel must introduce the father, or at least a close family relation, of one of the first film's main characters. … [Read more...]