Wonder Woman Update

Remember our chat about who should play Wonder Woman?Were you one of the many Joss Whedon fans looking forward to his take on the story? … [Read more...]

Firefly is back. (Sort of.)

With each passing week, it continues to blow my mind that there is nobody out there able to talk sense into a television network and organize the return of Joss Whedon's Firefly. … [Read more...]

"Serenity" is Flying Back Into Theaters

Thanks to Josh Hurst for noting the return of Mal, River, Wash, and Zoe... … [Read more...]

Would C.S. Lewis love "Serenity"?

Would C.S. Lewis love "Serenity"?Is there a connection between Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Ransom?Bruce Edwards thinks so, and tells us why. … [Read more...]

My Film Forum column gets discovered by Whedon-ites

Wow!Today's Film Forum just scored cheers from Joss Whedon fans at Whedonesque!Check out the comments! It's great to see that Christianity Today's example of engaging with contemporary film instead of condemning it is making an impression.And at least for the moment, this is the top story on the Web site. … [Read more...]

Specials: Gromit! Whedon! LAT on Narnia! More!

Quote of the day: highlighted by Jeff Berryman at The Daily Hopper: "A spinning coin cannot spin forever, nor can our minds remain undecided forever, since not to decide is itself a decision, and as the coin will come down only heads or tails, so we also have only two options, not three or more. Either we conform our desires to the truth, or we conform the truth to our desires." --Os GuinnessToday's specials:WHAT? GROMIT'S GETTING RAVE REVIEWS? My prediction: Wallace and Gromit and … [Read more...]

Back from "Serenity"-land.

"I can't believe it, Nathan! They like me! They really like me!"I'm back, and I'm glowing with the happiness of having shaken hands with Mal (Nathan Fillion) and Jayne (Adam Baldwin). I've withstood the intense and ponderous gaze of the Doctor (Sean Maher), basked in the glory of Inara (Morena Baccarin), been dazzled by the semi-psychic abilities of River (Summer Glau), and I've been intimidated by the beauty and strength of Zoe (Gina Torres, wife of Lawrence Fishburne). I've I’ve given K … [Read more...]

Specials: Sigur Ros, Kite Runner, DiCaprio/Scorsese, Wonder Whedon

Anne and I spent the weekend in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, writing and drinking coffee and reading good books. We had the privilege of spending time with Luci Shaw, a marvelous poet and an inspiration to us both. I also listened to a lot of great music.And then I promptly LOST MY CD CARRYING CASE. Currently missing: the new Ron Sexsmith album, Bruce Springsteen's latest, and several other current favorites. [insert much grumbling here]Anyway, I'm finding a whole lot of comfort in … [Read more...]

More specials: Serenity clip. Best album of ’05? Smog video. Narnia pics.

More specials:A truly troubling clip that seems to be from Joss Whedon's Serenity. Viewer discretion ... no, make that listener discretion advised.Josh Hurst just noticed that Sufjan Stevens' Illinois is no longer the "best-reviewed album of the year" ... at least for now. Who took over the #1 spot? The New Pornographers.It's the feel-good music video of the summer! Smog's I Feel Like the Mother of the World, starring a rather notorious actress.There are a bunch of … [Read more...]

Serenity Now!

My how things have changed. In the year of the climactic Star Wars episode, I'm actually far more excited about this. … [Read more...]