Junebug (2005)

When filmmakers journey to the American South, they enter dangerous territory. Far too often, they aren't prepared to encounter such a rich, unusual culture, and they end up painting cruel caricatures.So it is a bit unnerving when director Phil Morrison takes us on a road trip from Chicago art studios to North Carolina baby showers in Junebug. Is this going to be just another movie exploiting Southern eccentricity for our entertainment?Not at all. Junebug is, at times, hilarious, but it … [Read more...]

The one that got away… "Junebug"

Every year, there's at least one movie that I don't see in time for the voting, a movie that I hear mixed things about, and then when I finally catch up to it, I fall in love.Junebug is that film for 2005. Looking at my current list, I'm going to find it a place in the Top 10... probably the Top 5. I loved it.I'll be writing about it soon, praising it and urging everyone to rent it and check it out. (It's rated R for some harsh language and fleeting scenes of sexuality.)It's all done … [Read more...]