New Kate Bush earning well-deserved raves

I sat spellbound a few nights ago basking in the glow of Aerial, the new double-album from Kate Bush.Apparently, I'm not the only one.This is a delightful surprise in an otherwise unremarkable year in music so far. … [Read more...]

Specials: Quaid about his Christianity. Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Over the Rhine.

Wednesday's specials:YOURS, MINE, OUR FAITH Huh. Peter T. Chattaway mentioned today that, lo and behold, Dennis Quaid's a Christian, and now I wish I'd had a different list of questions when I attended the film junket for In Good Company. He grew up Baptist, and married a Baptist girl from Texas. Whaddaya know. He has some interesting comments here, and I'm just baffled that I haven't picked up on this before.AERIAL AMAZES, CHAOS "SENTIMENTAL" Josh Hurst on Kate Bush and Sir Paul … [Read more...]