“Bridge to Terabithia” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles”

Since Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings films, fantasy has become (predictably) a disappointing genre at the movies.It's becoming all too familiar... a director borrows Jackson's techniques for dazzling audiences, but demonstrates ignorance when it comes to good scripts and character development. Or the filmmakers get so excited about editing their film for maximum excitement that they make mincemeat of their actors' performances. Pan's Labyrinth is the most impressive exception, but for … [Read more...]

Peter Chattaway on “Bridge to Terabithia”

Peter T. Chattaway, who recently reviewed The Last Sin Eater, has just reviewed a film by Christian author Katherine Paterson, the latest literary adaptation by Walden Media.He gives it three stars, and shares his perspective, which comes with the added advantage of his thorough familiarity with the novel. … [Read more...]

“Bridge to Terabithia” and Author Katherine Paterson

Walden Media's upcoming adventure Bridge to Terabithia looks intriguing. I haven't read Paterson's work yet, but an interview she did for Books and Culture several years ago has stuck with me because of the passionate way she spoke about the role of the Christian artist... Access to the full article requires a subscription to the CT library (an investment that will reward you above and beyond your expectations, by the way). … [Read more...]