The Incredibles (and Other 10-Year-Old Films); Jesus Films; Matt Zoller Seitz; Scott Cairns

I haven't posted any Hi 5s on ths blog in a while, but it's... um... "hi time" that I got back in the habit of it. Gratitude is good for the soul.What is Hi 5 to the Face? Find out here.Let's get started! This time, I'm sending Hi 5s to the following superstars...Ken Morefield over at 1 More Film Blog, for inviting Steven Greydanus to toast Pixar's The Incredibles, which is now ten years old! … [Read more...]

Who’s the Fairest of Them All? (As Documentaries Go, Anyway…)

If I say "documentaries," most readers will probably stop reading and move on to something else.But for those of us who who are enjoying a "golden age" of documentaries, finding that they are often more engaging and rewarding than other kinds of films (Was there a better suspense-thriller last year than Man on Wire?)... here's a question: … [Read more...]

Lorna’s Silence (2008) – A Guest Review by Kenneth R. Morefield

Lorna's Silence was one of the films featured at the Toronto International Film Festival that made me envy those able to attend.The Dardennes are among my favorite filmmakers. How many artists can you think of who have a long list of movies without an occasional misstep along the way? The Dardennes have made a string of solid, masterful, thought-provoking films that are excellent inspirations for those who like to dig deep into post-viewing discussions.So I'm extremely pleased to be able … [Read more...]

Wendy and Lucy (2008) – A Guest Review by Kenneth R. Morefield

Once again, Ken Morefield has given you *double* the value for your money here at Looking Closer. He's turned in yet another impressive series of reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival. He'll be wrapping up this year's series with reviews of his three favorite films from the festival.First... Wendy and Lucy.Ken says: Incidentally (for you or your readers), there are several small and one big plot spoiler in this review. It's not really a film that one can talk about much … [Read more...]

“Unwanted Witness” and “At the End of the World” — Two Guest Reviews by Kenneth R. Morefield

Here is Kenneth R. Morefield's consideration of two more features from the Toronto International Film Festival. And my must-see list just keeps on growing...Unwanted WitnessandAt The Edge of the World … [Read more...]

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008) – A Guest Review by Kenneth R. Morefield

Thanks again to Dr. Morefield for taking the time to give us an early look at an upcoming film. This time, it's an American film by the director of Raising Victor Vargas. … [Read more...]

“My Kid Could Paint That” … Three Days in a Row. (It’s that good.)

I always take Ken Morefield's recommendations seriously.So, when I saw My Kid Could Paint That had arrived at my local video store, I started looking for an opportunity to rent it. Then, Tuesday night, I found it sitting on the DVD shelf of my local public library, and I snatched it up.Anne and I watched it late Tuesday night. We were riveted. I lay awake in bed thinking about it.I showed it to some friends on Wednesday. I thought about it all afternoon. Later, I made significant … [Read more...]

Morefield on “Lars and the Real Girl”

Yesterday, Kenneth Morefield posted comments on Lars and the Real Girl. He gets so much of what I love about this film. And his thoughts make me eager to rent it and see it again... … [Read more...]

For the Love of Movies That Never Played at the Mall…

In my experience of discussing movies online, few people have challenged me to dig deeper and look closer at movies than Ken Morefield.That's why I'm enthusiastic about having his as a "guest reviewer" so often at Looking Closer.So I am delighted to discover that... … [Read more...]

At the Death House Door (2008) – A Guest Review by Kenneth R. Morefield

Some of you know that the failure of the Academy to nominate Steve James' documentary Hoop Dreams stands as one of the greatest embarrassments in Academy history.Some of you know James' next project, Stevie, is one of my favorite documentaries.So you can bet I sat up straight when this review of James' new film At the Death House Door came in from Kenneth R. Morefield... … [Read more...]