Fun Facts About Kinsey!

While the mainstream press writes off the Kinsey-backlash as merely a sign of paranoia and hysteria from conservatives, those who are paying attention are having quite a chuckle over the facts that the movie ignores.Thanks to Kathy Shaidle's Relapsed Catholic: "The Rockefeller Foundation eventually shut off its spigot of financing for the Kinsey Institute during the early 1950s, not because this was the McCarthy era and Kinsey's findings were associated with communism as the movie claims … [Read more...]

Peter T. Chattaway clobbers "Kinsey"

Mainstream reviews of Kinsey are commenting on the "hysterical, right-wing, Christian protest" of the film. … [Read more...]

Which Film Contains More Make Believe – ‘Kinsey’ or ‘Finding Neverland’?

Here's this week's edition of Film Forum, with more than you need to know about this week's new releases. … [Read more...]

Finding Neverland and Kinsey – Guest Review by J. Robert Parks

This guest review was contributed by J. Robert Parks.- It would be hard to find two more culturally distinct figures than J.M. Barrie and Alfred Kinsey. One was a Victorian, English dandy, the other was a 20th-century, Midwestern pragmatist. One was a playwright, the other a scientist and professor. One lived in the realm of the magical, the other in the laboratory of cold, somewhat hard facts. And while both were writers, Barrie is most famous for the enduringly popular Peter Pan tale, … [Read more...]