Watch a Work of Art Come to Life Before Your Eyes

If I could, I'd take you with me to one of my favorite places on the planet: Laity Lodge, in the hill country of Texas, along the Frio River.I've been there many times in the past several years — to read, to write, to teach, to wander, to retreat — and I have discovered why artists from Madeleine L'Engle to Frederick Buechner to Over the Rhine to Terrence Malick have cherished it as a source of inspiration, contemplation, and solace for decades.Since I can't walk alongside that river with … [Read more...]

David Dark “Provokes” at Laity Lodge

This weekend, I had the privilege of teaching a fiction workshop at Laity Lodge. I had a fantastic time, inspired by ten aspiring writers who turned in excellent samples for consideration and critique. I wish I could have kept on working with them for a whole week.But my time was also blessed by the presence of author David Dark, whose books Everyday Apocalypse and The Sacredness of Questioning Everything have become very important to me, worth reading and re-reading.Here's what Eugene … [Read more...]

Attention, writers! Here’s an invitation for you.

This just in from Laity Lodge... … [Read more...]

Come write with me.

Gregory Wolfe. David Dark. Julia Kasdorf. Jill Phillips. Andy Gullahorn. And me.At one of the most beautiful spots on earth.Ready to talk with you about your writing — fiction, nonfiction, poetry, songwriting — on a weekend retreat.Will you join us September 29?Read on for details about my workshop... … [Read more...]

Artists, Ministers, Pastors: Don’t Miss This Retreat

Few places I know are as nourishing to the spirit and the imagination as Laity Lodge. It's hard to believe the place exists. Located just outside of Kerville, Texas, it's a handsome lodge with its own library of inspiring spiritual literature, set over a winding river of deep blue water, opposite a canyon that is alive with colors and creatures. You'd never notice it from the highway... and you literally have to drive into the river to get there. Once you're there, you won't want to leave.I … [Read more...]

Back from Laity Lodge

Laity Lodge is just as remote and beautiful as I was told. Anne and I enjoyed an inspiring weekend of food, conversation, reading, and movies with dear old friends and inspiring new friends. I spoke about that turbulent territory where faith and filmmaking intersect, and then I shared two films that inspired good conversations: The Station Agent, and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. Anne gave a poetry reading, just one of several delightful readings by the guests.(Hey Martin, I got to know … [Read more...]