A Boxer and Some Briefs

Huh. Once in a while, my opinion of a movie aggravates other reviewers I really respect. That seems to have happened with The Fighter. Over at artsandfaith.com, there's been quite a long debate about the film.And now, today, my thoughts were quoted in an unexpected place. … [Read more...]

Wild Things; Robert Clark; Ethix; Elvis Costello; Tom Waits; Darcy James Argue; Vince Vaughn; Moses; Chesterton; and more.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.1.One of the most surreal moments in my adventures online: … [Read more...]

Mercy! I’m in The Washington Times today!

Wow. I make what may be my first-ever online comment about Bill Maher, and I end up in The Washington Times!These World Wide Webs... they're just full of surprises. … [Read more...]

Looking Closer… looking back.

Moments like this┬ájust make me grateful to work with such thoughtful, brave, and dedicated collaborators. … [Read more...]

Flattered to Be Quoted, But…

This CanWest article about The Golden Compass rightly spotlights the crux of the conflict over author Phillip Pullman's anti-Christian prejudice and anti-C.S. Lewis propaganda. … [Read more...]

Looking Closer is Back in The Seattle Times!

Somehow, I missed Sunday's edition of The Seattle Times, and didn't find out until today that the Pacific Northwest Magazine again ran an update on my doings at Looking Closer...Thanks to Richard Seven for doing the follow-up story!(If you missed the original cover story, check it out here.) … [Read more...]

Specials: Serenity, Chattaway, Eighth Day Books

Today's Specials:Yet another exciting trailer for Serenity!Peter T. Chattaway quotes some Overstreet guy in one of his articles... a piece about Hollywood's search for that elusive "Christian audience."As is frequently the case, I'm one of the last people to hear about a very good thing. So, for the record, I have just discovered what may be the finest bookstore accessible online: Eighth Day Books. Visit the site, read their philosophy. You'll understand why Anne and I … [Read more...]

Joke of the Day (except that it’s true)

I'm not making this up. This just happened to me.I was contacted this morning by someone who works for one of the three major news networks. They wanted me to come downtown and film a segment for a TV news talk-show addressing the question, "Is the media anti-religious?"I prepared. I pondered. I was ready.Here was the basic idea of my planned reply: "'The media (if we must use such a vast generalization, like "Hollywood" or "Democrats" or "Republicans") tends to go with whatever … [Read more...]

Many, Many Thanks to Those Who Emailed Me

To those who have emailed me in response to The Seattle Times feature on Looking Closer, I can't thank you enough for the encouragement you've given me. I *will* answer each and every email that you've sent as I find the time, but it's going to take a while, so I appreciate your patience.If you wrote and asked me to come speak to your church, I appreciate that, but please understand that my several jobs make for a fairly demanding schedule and I will not be able to respond to all of those … [Read more...]

Looking Closer Becomes a Cover Story!

The Seattle Times article is up! (... he says, as he crawls under his desk in bewilderment.)On the front page of the Pacific Northwest Magazine section, it'll appear just ahead of the headline: Slug Bait No More! … [Read more...]