Coen Brothers news!! Is your "Lost" theory better than this one? Lark News!

Thursday specials:COEN BROTHERS RETURN!! The next Coen Brothers film? Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem.YOU SEE, IT'S REALLY QUITE SIMPLE... Thanks, Opus, for the link to the most intriguing "Lost" theory I've seen...BACKMASKING IS BACK! Need a laugh? The new issue of Lark News is up. … [Read more...]

"Lost" is truly lost

Have you been frustrated by Lost's endless parade of mysteries and loose ends?Have you tried to convince yourself that J.J. Abrams knows where it's all headed, and how all the mysteries tie together?Have you been yearning to believe it's all part of "intelligent design"?Abandon all hope.This may be nothing new to you, but it's disappointing to me. Like Alias, this show's indications that there's a grand design, meaning to the madness, now appears to be just a bunch of hooey, and … [Read more...]

“Lost” – I’m hooked. Are you?

Okay, I’m “out-ing” myself as a fan of the new TV series “Lost.” … [Read more...]