Hope for Where We’re Going: An Interview with Louis Schwartzberg

Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg has collected 25 interviews with memorable, remarkable Americans and sewn it together in an array of breathtaking cinematography to inspire us with a vision of dedication, determination, and imagination.Click here for Jeffrey's review of America's Heart and Soul.Jeffrey Overstreet: First of all, thank you for making this film! I'm hoping it inspires other cinematographers to put together reels of their own favorite footage, their own stories. You've given … [Read more...]

Two Interviews: Jean-Jacques Annaud and Louis Schwartzberg…

...the directors of Two Brothers and America's Heart and Soul, respectively.I've been scraping away at the hours for time to write reviews and edit this stuff, and I finally decided to post "almost-there" versions of the interviews, since the films may not be in theatres much longer.Anyway, I enjoyed both conversations, and I hope they shed some light on the films for you.Jean-Jacques AnnaudLouis SchwartzbergComing soon, my interviews with Patrice Leconte (Man on the Train, … [Read more...]

CT Interviews the Filmmaker Behind America’s Heart and Soul

You'll get more out of this film than you will out of Fahrenheit 9/11... because, for the most part, it's true. … [Read more...]