A Man from Madison Responds to My Review of "Madison"

From CT Movies' feedback: Your review of Madison was excellent.Why this movie was made is a mystery to me. "Miss Madison" just happened to be the winner the year the Gold Cup came to Madison [1971]. I remember sitting with a group of Hoosiers in Newport Beach, listening at the end of the event on Wide World of Sports. The announcers said it was the happiest day in the history of Madison.We all fell over in laughter.The greatest day in the history of Madison happened in 1950 during the … [Read more...]

Madison (2005)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today. -Jim Caviezel passed up a chance to be a character in one of the best comic book movies ever made. The actor recently told The Seattle Times that he was cast as Cyclops for the original X-Menmovie, a box-office and critical hit in 2000. But then another script came along, and Caviezel, who says he was "literally in costume as Cyclops," bolted the X set and took the other acting gig instead.The Passion of the Christ? Nope. That w … [Read more...]