Wanted: Ambiguity

I hate to say, "I told you so." Especially when the person I'm addressing is myself.I told myself not to spend full ticket price on The Amazing Spider-man. But I did anyway. And yeah, now it hurts to realize I put down more than $15.00 to see it.I don't regret this evening's moviegoing experience: I got to spend the evening with my friend Danny Walter, who has probably seen more movies with me than anybody on the planet. We had good conversations and an enjoyable evening.But I do … [Read more...]

The not-so-amazing Spider-man?

I don't know any film critic who cares more about the history and character of Peter Parker/Spider-man than the comic-loving Steven D. Greydanus who reviews films for the National Catholic Register.Greydanus also happens to be my favorite film critic. I love the way he writes and thinks.So, since I missed the press screening for The Amazing Spider-man, the seemingly unnecessary reboot of an already engaging franchise, I've been eager to read his review.And here it is. The Amazing … [Read more...]