Margaret – The Extended Cut (2012)

I'm grateful to the good folks at The Brehm Center for inviting me to contribute to their film site Reel Spirituality. Special thanks to Elijah Davidson, whose writing I've read regularly and appreciated for years.And my first contribution there is about a movie I've been eager to see for several years. I can't believe I'm finally reviewing it. … [Read more...]

Father-Figuring It Out: “Margaret,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” and More

What does Moonrise Kingdom have in common with The Master, Sinister, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Margaret? … [Read more...]

Specials: Boyle’s Sunshine. Lonergan’s Margaret. Burnett’s B.R.M.C.

Today's specials:Danny Boyle's next film boasts a diverse cast.At long last, Ken Lonergan, director of You Can Count On Me, is preparing another project that looks likely to star Matt Damon, Anna Paquin, and Mark Ruffalo. It's called Margaret.Just how much did T-Bone Burnett meddle with the new album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? … [Read more...]