“Hamlet, Threepio, and Us”

Anyone who can write an inspiring piece linking Rosencrantz and Guldenstern, The Hidden Fortress, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and R2D2, has my full attention.Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Shea! … [Read more...]

Specials: Keillor on the Nativity; Newman on Sex in “The Golden Compass”; Shea on Pullman’s “Idiots”; “Sweeney Todd”

Garrison Keillor on the nativity.Beautiful.  (A nod of thanks to Mark Shea for the link.)-The Golden Compass: Sexualizing Children in the World of His Dark MaterialsThank you, Mark T. Newman. (Haven't seen you in years! How are you, man?)-Philip Pullman's Useful IdiotsThank you, Mark Shea! -If you want a sneak peek at the opening credits of Sweeney Todd, well... here you go. But don't say I didn't warn you. It's bloody. … [Read more...]

A Singing Sun

Mark Shea, in a moment of genius, quoted Tolkien's The Silmarillion when he learned about this fantastic discovery.Wow. Now I can't wait for the album. And the tour. Who should open for the sun? … [Read more...]

Specials: Gondry’s astonishing feet; the great Bob Newhart lives

Is this two-minute video the greatest feet of Michel "Eternal Sunshine" Gondry's career? You decide!! (And no, that wasn't a typo in my headline.)The great Bob Newhart lives on I depend on Mark Shea's blog for insight on many things. But I also depend on him to alert me to profound moments in contemporary philosophy... like this rare glimpse of the great Bob Newhart:Shea says: Most People Don’t Think of Bob Newhart as a Catholic TheologianBut you could hardly ask for a more i … [Read more...]

Mark Shea considers the Mel Gibson debacle

Were we seeing "the real Mel Gibson" when he went on his drunken rampage? … [Read more...]

Last post on "Da Vinci Code": a review by Steven D. Greydanus

Okay, to wrap up the week of "Da Vinci Code" reviews, here's Steven D. Greydanus: Some Christians have optimistically hoped that The Da Vinci Code might provide a potential opportunity for dialogue and discussion about Jesus with people who might not otherwise be open to such discussions. Yet if anything the film seems calibrated precisely to inoculate viewers against any such discussion — to leave viewers with a skeptical agnosticism about efforts to set the record straight is all part of the c … [Read more...]

Mark Shea is saving Ireland…

Mark Shea is saving Ireland... from The Da Vinci Code.From Day 4 of his Ireland journal: More TV and radio interviews yesterday. One sympathetic and a couple more asking the tired question, "Isn't it just fiction?" I proposed a fictional film in which all the homosexuals in the world were engaged in a vast conspiracy to destroy Western Civilization."That would be offensive."No duh.The *only* time people fall for this notion that a fictional story which goes out of its way to … [Read more...]

“The Gospel of Judas” is just an old, stupid heresy…

... and yet, my local newscast jumped on the hype bandwagon tonight, heralding it as "the discovery that is rocking the Christian world."Right.Rocking so quietly as to be almost imperceptible.Rocking so ineffectively that most of the Christian blogs addressing the subject today found the whole affair somewhere between amusing, ludicrous, and sad.Rocking us to sleep with its dull drone of inanity.Folks, it's not shaking up any Christians with brains in their heads.Here's … [Read more...]

Ebert on Narnia: Wrong, and Right

UPDATE: Ebert has corrected his mistake!Here's the earlier post...The vigilant Mark Shea notes Ebert's big error: Here's the first sentence of his review of Narnia:C. S. Lewis, who wrote the Narnia books, and J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote the Ring trilogy, were friends who taught at Oxford at the same time, were pipe smokers, drank in the same pub, took Christianity seriously and hated each other's fantasy worlds.Here is Lewis, displaying his hatred of Tolkien's fantasy:Such a … [Read more...]

A New Head Honcho in the the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office for Film and Broadcasting

Mark Shea reports on the appointment of a new head guy in the Catholic office of film. … [Read more...]