In Defense of “Amour”

Last week, an Anglican priest I have never met called me to discuss a movie.Not a common occurrence.But, God bless him, this brave fellow is leading discussions of 2012's Oscar-nominated films in a class held at his church. And he's stumbled onto a film that is proving more complicated than others. In fact, he's encountered some rather intense condemnation of that film from fellow Christians.The film is Michael Haneke's film Amour. … [Read more...]

“Funny Games,” “The Passion of the Christ,” and Dirty Harry

I should post this as a follow-up to my previous question: "Does anybody want to defend Michael Haneke's Funny Games?"Thanks to Chattaway for finding this article by Gabriel McKee at Religion Dispatches: … [Read more...]

Specials: Guardian defends Narnia. Malick’s "New World." Haneke spoils. Earthsea animated.

Tuesday's specials:I found most of these links at GreenCine Daily, and I'm glad I did.GUARDIAN GUARDS CHRISTIANITY FROM GUARDIAN JOURNALISTS (AND OTHERS) The Guardian, home of the now-notorious Polly Toynbee who used her Narnia review to bash Christianity, bashes Narnia critics! The Bible is a narrative blueprint for a lot of western culture - if everything referencing it is dodgy then the nativity is dodgy, a lot of Shakespeare is dodgy, some of The Archers is dodgy, everything is … [Read more...]

Time of the Wolf — DVD of the Day

I'm currently working on a manuscript about powerfully transporting films, and the chapter currently on the table is about films that explore loneliness, alienation, and division in contemporary society.Thus, I've been thinking about a lot of films, from Taxi Driver to Barton Fink to Punch-drunk Love to Last Life in the Universe. The director I can't escape is Michael Haneke, especially Code Unknown.But it didn't hit me until today that the events we're seeing unfold in what's left of … [Read more...]