The Insider (1999)

'Tis the season to toss aside what other people think of you, do what you feel, and devil-may-care who gets hurt in the process.At least, that's what the movies will tell you.The leading men onscreen this season (Lester Birnam of American Beauty, Tyler Durden and "Jack" of Fight Club, Craig and Lottie of Being John Malkovich) are not generous people. They are not humble. They're not the kind of people to give up their own dreams for the good of others. They're distinctly American — "I hav … [Read more...]

Collateral (2004)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today.•Why do big screen killers seem so glamorous? It's not the filmmaker's fault, necessarily. We're flawed and foolish people, drawn to power, to independence, to the illusion that we can be gods unto ourselves and keep our hands, hair, suits, and consciences clean.The villain in Collateral is as devilish a man as we've seen onscreen in a while. He's almost irresistible, always ready with a rationalization, and quick to turn a … [Read more...]

Collateral is Tom Cruise’s best work…

...and one of Michael Mann's most formulaic and insubstantial films.Still, it's worth seeing. Here's my review. … [Read more...]