Specials: Gondry’s astonishing feet; the great Bob Newhart lives

Is this two-minute video the greatest feet of Michel "Eternal Sunshine" Gondry's career? You decide!! (And no, that wasn't a typo in my headline.)The great Bob Newhart lives on I depend on Mark Shea's blog for insight on many things. But I also depend on him to alert me to profound moments in contemporary philosophy... like this rare glimpse of the great Bob Newhart:Shea says: Most People Don’t Think of Bob Newhart as a Catholic TheologianBut you could hardly ask for a more i … [Read more...]

Director Michel Gondry’s latest, brilliant music video

Wow.When videos as wild as this one actually get produced, and as perfectly as this, well... it should just send other music video directors and bands home with their heads hanging. … [Read more...]

The Looking Closer Interview: Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman

[Some of this material was previously published in March 2004 at Christianity Today.]-My review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind led to an unexpected opportunity: a chance to interview the two creative masterminds of this remarkable film. It was a privilege to meet Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, and director Michel Gondry, and to ask them why they are so attracted to unconventional stories.The following conversation does include a discussion … [Read more...]